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If you don’t know what APRA is, read this post first, and then this one to learn more. Would you like to become a member of APRA? The membership fee is €20 per year (€10 for students).

To become a member, please visit our new website:

APRA is a registered nonprofit organisation run by volunteer university students and researchers. Fees and donations are fully reinvested in covering organisational costs, creating new events, and sponsoring academic research projects.

Membership is for everyone interested in learning more about academic research on psychedelics and altered states of consciousness, regardless of their educational background!

University students and researchers in the Amsterdam area who are interested in the academic aspects of psychedelics, and other understudied substances in science and medicine, are particularly encouraged to join.

Why join APRA?   \

  • Network: be part of an interdisciplinary and diverse group of scientists, scholars and students in the Amsterdam area, sharing their expertise and interests for psychedelic research.
  • Stay up to date: with the monthly APRA newsletter! Events, news, research opportunities, and other important communications (no spam, opt-out anytime with one click).
  • Save: free access to all monthly APRA Journal Clubs and free or discounted entrance to larger events like lectures and conferences!
  • And more: do you want to actively help us shape the future of this field in Amsterdam? Join the APRA organizers! Get in touch for more information and collaboration opportunities.

  • Members receive a yearly update describing how resources were used.
  • Membership is not automatically renewed. After one year, you will be asked explicitly whether you want to remain a member or not. You can discontinue your membership at any time with just an email.
  • Your data is considered private and will not be shared with anyone outside the association.
  • APRA reserves the right to discontinue membership, in case the understanding of the APRA core principles on the part of the member comes into question; particularly so for the academic research focus of the association.



APRA Neuroscience Journal Club, lead by J. van Daatselaar and M. Laansma.

2018-02-09 15.47.12

APRA Journal Club for the group of prof. H. Mansvelder (Neurophysiology), lead by M.Aqil and H.Shaweis.


  • Send us an email at, or use the contact page.
  • Make sure to read all the information available on the website.
  • Find us on Facebook.