Journal Club #17 – Aidan Lyon: “Psychedelic Philosophy”

In this journal club, Aidan Lyon (PhD) will present a new approach to philosophy, which he calls psychedelic philosophy. What makes this approach to philosophy distinctive is that it deploys what he call psychedelic methods for attaining wisdom. These methods stand in contrast to those of other approaches to philosophy — such as analytic philosophy, which relies on analytic methods (logic, conceptual analysis, etc.) — while also complementing them to form together an integrated and comprehensive approach to philosophy. Aidan will explain in detail what psychedelic methods are and how they can be used to make novel philosophical progress. He’ll also argue that psychedelic philosophy is in a sense not really all that new and that we can see some of its methods used in various schools of thought in the East (such as Vedism, Buddhism, Daoism, and Zen) as well as in the philosophy of Ancient Greece.About Aidan: he completed his PhD at the Australian National University on the philosophical foundations of probability and has degrees in mathematics and philosophy from the University of Queensland.
Aidan’s research is primarily on the philosophical foundations of uncertainty, philosophical psychology, and social epistemology — with a particular focus on the so-called wisdom of crowds.

Location: Online (Zoom address communicated via members email newsletter)

Price: This is a free event for APRA members.

When: Friday, 11 december 2020 at 18:00 (CET)

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