Journal Club #5 – Josi Marschall: “Psychedelic-induced Ego-dissolution”

On Thursday, April 12th 6PM at the VU (meetup in the main building main hall), join us for JC#5, lead by our very own Josi Marschall. She will discuss recent findings on the phenomenology, physiology, and clinical applications of psychedelic-induced ego-dissolution. Not one to be missed! See abstract below.

This lecture will provide you with a compact overview of topics covered in the literature of and surrounding psychedelic-induced ego-dissolution (PIED). First, PIED will be discussed in terms of scales used in it’s subjective assessment as well as of cognitive constructs used to define the ‘self’. Next, neural correlates of the proposed ‘self’ theories and of PIED will be presented with associated findings that contribute to the understanding of their respective functions. Lastly, these neural correlates as well as theorized psychological mechanisms of ego-dissolution will be demonstrated in terms of their relevance to mental health and therapeutic outcomes.

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