May-September 2017 Updates

What happened over the past summer months, since the first APRA meeting took place on May 7th of this year? Many pages of notes, plenty of motivational feedback, dozens of emails, a few power points, and two bike chains broken by the author of this post on the way to or back from one of the meetings. Not bad.

Much of the information collected as the group takes shape is currently only available to APRA members. However, in the coming weeks and months, the information will be shared freely on this website (obviously excluding privacy-sensitive content). Same goes for all future APRA events (group meetings, journal clubs, lectures, seminar, symposia…).

The process is still unfolding and far for completion. Therefore we ask our followers for patience as we develop the first student association in Amsterdam dedicated to psychedelic research. As always, we strongly encourage students and researchers sharing some (or all) the interests and motivations of APRA to contact us directly at:



This post courtesy of:

Marco Aqil
Founder, Amsterdam Psychedelic Research Association.
Biomedical Mathematics Master’s student, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
Theoretical Physics BScHons, University of Edinburgh ’16.

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